by Jimmyjohn McCabe

These 2 recordings are from the album: KAMIKAZE which was written and produced in 2016 by Drew De Four for his friend Jimmyjohn McCabe. The story:

Jimmyjohn McCabe was on the road by age 15 playing rock clubs up and down the East Coast with his hard-hitting jam band called Yolk. 

In the late 90's the band broke up and Instead of enjoying the success Jimmyjohn seemed destined for, he (like many musicians, unfortunately) got into drugs and alcohol and veered off track. 

In 2004, Drew De Four brought his band to upstate New York to make a record at Mansion Audio (a recording studio/living space for bands to make a record and go to "rock band school"). Jimmyjohn had taken a job there as a primary Producer/Engineer for this record.

Drew's brother Mark (bass player for the band) had died in a tragic car accident 6 months earlier so most of the summer saw 20 year old Drew receiving a lifetime of advice (and therapy) from almost 30 year old Jimmyjohn. Drew credits Jimmyjohn with healing his depression and getting him through his brother's death.

In 2006, Drew's band broke up and Drew began a solo career, writing and recording 6 albums over the next 10 years while touring the world as a Singer/Songwriter and Dueling Piano Player.

In September, 2015, Drew got a call from his old friend: "Drew, my alcoholism and depression got the best of me and I almost killed myself... but I got help and I've been sober for 6 months now. I've been living in a van, painting and gigging for money, and writing a book about my life called 'I Want to Live.' I'm finally going to visit you in Ann Arbor, Michigan as part of this trip I'm taking."

Drew was skeptical at first (Jimmyjohn had talked about visiting for 10 years and never got around to it because he was always battling substance abuse, depression, and instability). But something about Jimmyjohn's tone and even his optimistic/lucid Facebook posts convinced Drew that this time was for real. The two friends confirmed plans to hang out in Ann Arbor, MI at Drew's House/Recording Studio.

Days before Jimmyjohn's arrival, on a flight back from performing at the PNE in Vancouver, Drew became inspired by the life and struggles of his friend and wrote lyrics for 9 songs in about 5 hours. The day after getting home, Drew got out his acoustic guitar, wrote music to the lyrics, and recorded acoustic/vocal demos.

Drew emailed the mp3s to Jimmyjohn and called him: "I wrote you a record, motherfucker." Jimmyjohn didn't see how they could make a record in only two days, but he liked the idea enough to write a 10th song - Friend of Mine - to round out the album.

Drew recorded Jimmyjohn's vocals and guitar to a click track over 2 days and those performances are what you hear on this record. 

Drew took the next year to add all the other parts when he had time and money (Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, more Acoustic, Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, etc.).

When the album was done being recorded and edited, Drew called his friend Chris Kuffner (Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Great Big World) and asked him to Mix. Jonathan Jetter did the Mastering.

KAMIKAZE is a record for everyman with songs about regret, alcoholism, suicide, divorce, bipolarity, revenge, redemption, and friendship.