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by Drew De Four

Amavita (“Love of Life”) is my 7th Studio Album.

I wrote these songs over the course of almost 10 years, starting with a trip to Auschwitz in 2009. Most of the album is topically very heavy, but the stoic and uplifting songs at the end (For Liann, Alethea, and What Does It Mean?) are the payoff once you get through the songs about war, surveillance, tinnitus, medics, battlefields, chaos, and desertion…

Thanks to my Kickstarter Backers for allowing me the time and resources to complete this epic project. I would not have had the time to record and mix this record AND have my first son over the last year without their support.


Written, Produced, and Mixed by Drew De Four

Drew De Four - piano, ukulele, percussion, guitar, vocals

Kin Curran - vocals

Adrian Passarelli - drums

Miki Santamaria - bass

Phred Brown - guitar, vocals

Alicia Doudna - violin

Brad Phillips - violin

Krisztina Kiss - viola

Katri Ervamaa - cello

Andrew Kratzat - string arrangements

Julien De Four - baby vocals

Recorded at D4 Brothers Studios

Viola Recorded by Mike Glaser

Drums Recorded at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester Hills, MI

Cover Art:

Photography by Toni Ostini

Graphic Artwork by Steve Ledford